Course descriptions

Course descriptions

TATAA Biocenter has given courses in real-time qPCR since 2001 and is today the leading hands-on training organization in real-time PCR and molecular diagnostics in Europe. Our course program covers the entire workflow from sample preparation and extraction to data analysis and statistics. The most popular course and the one that is the basis for the other courses is the Hands-on qPCR course which gives a good and stable ground for any qPCR work. For deepening your knowledge and for specific applications we also offer more focused courses.

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Our courses:

» Hands-on qPCR
» Experimental design and statistical data analysis for qPCR
» Sample preparation and quality control of nucleic acids
» Single cell analysis
» Multiplex PCR
» microRNA analysis
» Genotyping with qPCR
» Quality control in molecular diagnostics
» New ISO and CEN Technical Specifications for the pre-analytical process in molecular diagnostics
» NGS – Library construction and quality control
» Digital PCR – Applications and analysis
» Custom made courses

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